My Compositions for Mandolin

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On this page you will find some of my compostions for solo mandolin. No pretensions of grandeur here, just a music hobbyist having some fun. I will be adding to them from time to time.
The recordings are perfomed by myself on the Rigel Gypsy Q shown to the left. These recordings are intended to demo the pieces, not to display the skill of the peformer, for I have little enough of that! I'm hoping that some day they will get better treatment...
There is a zip file containing the scores in TablEdit format. All of the pieces recorded here are included, as well as some others that I either haven't recorded yet or cannot play well enough even for a demo. To use them you will need the free viewer, TEFView, which can be downloaded from TableEdit

The Recordings:
Andante in G
Adagio in G
Praeludium in G
Air in D
Escherian #2
Waltz in D
Allegretto in G
Waltz in G

Tout le Matin Posted 9/9/07
Anafuga Posted 9/9/07
On The Old Porch Swing Posted 9/23/07